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We help you resolve construction project disputes by organizing, simplifying and clarifying the changes, impacts and resulting additional costs of the project (if any); and then using our expertise and technology to prepare reports and exhibits that effectively communicate our clients' positions to mediators, arbitrators, judges, and juries as well as the opposition.

  • We are experienced. We have more than 100 years of combined in-house experience.
  • In business since 1982
  • 1000+ projects in 28 states, Canada, Iraq and The Republic of Korea.
  • We understand the changes you have incurred, their impact, and resulting additional costs.
  • We are cost conscious. It is our approach to research and prepare thoroughly and in detail, but this effort is balanced with the utilization of your staff and their project knowledge
  • We understand the need for graphics. We will bring the major issues of the change analysis to a graphic level of summary, maximizing the return on the change analysis and minimizing the time needed for resolution.
  • Our Claims Division utilizes the substantial body of data and experience from our Project Management Division, reducing the time and cost associated with achieving the desired outcome for our clients.
  • We have extensive knowledge of the dispute resolution process that guides us in the compilation and presentation of information.

"You are good people and were thorough and comprehensive.  Having an expert witness that

understood the complexities of the claim was definitely a benefit" - Owner

For assistance, contact Tucker Elliott at or (440) 729-0514, ext 25.

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