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Does your facility's Master Plan include a timeline showing funding requirements? Click for MP Timeline


Do you need a BIM consultant?
Click for BIM Services


Has a claim for additional money been leveled against you because of project delays, loss of productivity, or added work? Click for Claim Defense.


Are you losing money on your project due to project delays, disruption, or extra work?
Click for Claims Assertion.


Is your project schedule meeting your needs? Click for CPM Scheduling.


Do you wish there was an objective third party who could oversee your project and better protect your interests? Click for Owner's Representative and Program Management Services.


As a contractor, do you need someone to help fine tune your project management processes and keep your project on track? Click for Contractor's Representative Services.


Do you need better project management processes in place to make your project more successful? Click for Project Management Auditing.


Could one of our experts help you present your case? Click for Expert Witness Testimony.


Do you have a project dispute that you haven't been able to resolve? Click here Dispute Resolution.


Learn how to make your construction project profitable on purpose.? Click for Training.

WTC The new World Trade Center in NYC is taking shape. VN Services is among the first of the hardhats to arrive.
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VN International

Please visit VN International for services outside of North America.

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