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Tucker Elliott travels to Qatar & Amman

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Tucker Elliott just got back from his trip to Amman, Jordan and Doha, Qatar. The Amman trip was a quarterly meeting for VNI’s Rotana Hotel Project in Baghdad, where we are the Owners’ Reps. He then went to Qatar to discuss possible work on upcoming projects, as there is a great deal of new construction occurring all over the region. 

Tucker also had the opportunity to learn more about Ramadan, which was being observed at that time. He took part in Iftar (the breaking of the daily fast) and got to try some fantastic local dishes and juice drinks. His favorite of the drinks was “Jallab”, a mixture of date juice with rose water topped with pine nuts.     Google it!

Clearly August is a tough time to go to Qatar, as the temperature was over 106 degrees F with extremely high humidity! Although Qatar is a desert environment, it is located on the Persian Gulf and is incredibly humid.

All in all, an exciting trip into an expanding world.

Avoiding Construction Claims 101

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

There are many reasons construction disputes develop during projects, and almost as many reasons why those disputes can elevate into a construction claim situation. Regardless of how the dispute initially developed, the inability to resolve it amicably and without litigation can almost always be traced back to poor communication by at least one of the parties, and often all of the parties, involved. Too often we either don’t communicate at all, or ineffectively at best. We think a matter is not important enough to take a moment and explain it or we assume the information conveyed is received and understood as intended. Often it is not.

Here are a few communication methods that could help avoid a construction claim:

Be Proactive: Don’t wait for problems to arise in order to develop a way to resolve them.

Establish Ground Rules: Hold regular meetings and an open forum for increased communication between all the parties involved with the project.

Align expectations: Make sure everyone is on the page and knows what is expected and required.

Clearly Communicate: Convey what the project is, why it is important and how the project will move forward. This leads to a buy in of participants and increased understanding.

Address Uncertainties: Be direct, clear and concise with questions about issues and reservations.

Address Issues: Resolve issues and discrepancies as they arise before they impact the project.

Be Receptive: Listen to all the parties involved and leave your pride at the door. Consider alternative points of view.

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