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VN International Secures High Profile Luxury Hotel Contract in Baghdad

Robert Vail
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Chesterland, OH: VN International, LLC of Chesterland, OH, a new international venture of VN Services, Inc. (formerly Vail Network), has secured a contract to serve as Owner's Representative for the new Shams Rotana Hotel currently under construction in the International Zone, previously referred to as the "Green Zone" in Baghdad, Iraq. The $100 million luxury, five-star hotel is scheduled to open in December 2011 and is being developed by Summit Global, a group of Iraqi and U.S investors with extensive business experience in Iraq and the Middle East. The new property will feature 11 floors, 237 standard guest rooms, 51 executive rooms, 10 executive suites, 2 royal suites and a state-of-the- art executive lounge. The hotel will also offer three meeting rooms, a swimming pool, a health club, a bank, 4 lounges/bars, 4 restaurants, 6 retail shops and 2 ballrooms.

VN Services was contacted earlier in 2009 to represent a foreign company on claims disputes involving two critical municipal and military construction projects in Iraq. The new client was impressed by the ability of VN Services to "provide assistance in analyzing the substantial construction delays and also supply recommendations on how to quantify the resulting claims stemming from both projects." VN Services was also instrumental in assisting the client in understanding the dispute process in the U.S.A.

After successfully meeting the client's needs, VN Services decided to launch the new international firm to better manage project support contracts originating in foreign countries. VN International, LLC (VNI) can now provide project management support services for both owners and contractors on projects worldwide, and is currently involved with foreign contracts in Canada and Iraq.

According to Company Founder and CEO Robert L. Vail, "Now is the ideal time to launch a new international arm of VN. With expanding construction opportunities in foreign countries, especially the Middle East, there is a growing market for the type of effective project support services that we currently provide to our North American customers."

"Our firm is made up of senior construction experts who do not rely exclusively on computerized programs or software tools to help manage a construction project and to minimize costly disruptions," Vail continued. "Unlike many other firms offering professional services, we provide both Project Management and Claims Analysis services under one roof. This enables us to see deviations and potential risks earlier, and to work with the parties to find practical solutions. In resolving disputes, our Claims practice utilizes the substantial body of data and experience from the Project Management side of the company. This reduces the time and cost associated with achieving the desired outcome for our clients."

Because of anticipated growth in the global economy, Vail believes that multi-level collaboration between regional and local firms in developing economies, and established firms in industrialized countries will continue to increase in the future. He predicts that more American firms and international investors will look to hire highly skilled service providers, such as VNI, for project oversight in foreign countries.

"The potential for international construction consulting will only continue to grow, and we want to be ready," said Vail. "Our growing expertise and visibility in foreign countries will allow us to capture some of that growing market and represents a significant opportunity to showcase the strengths of our company globally."

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VN International and VN Services are located in Chesterland, Ohio just east of Cleveland, and are honored to be providing project support and consulting services to the new One World Trade Center project currently under construction in New York City, New York. Since its founding in 1982 by Robert Vail, VN Services has provided project support services to over 800 different owners, contractors and a variety of other clients throughout North America. VN Services uses the highly successful Critical Path Method (CPM) construction scheduling tool and also provides claims resolution, general project support, consulting, analysis and an extensive array of training seminars designed to equip owners and contractors to better manage the construction process.

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